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I'm Looking for a Monster!

I'm Looking For A Monster! cover book page

MONSTERS are popping up all over the place! But not just any monster will do-no, sir! Lift the flaps, turn the wheel, and pull the tabs to find the PERFECT monster. Who knows? Maybe the perfect monster is looking for YOU!

I’m Looking for a Monster! was Timothy Young’s first book. Sadly, it is his only book that is out of print. It was also his first and only pop-up book to get published. Who knows, maybe someday some nice publisher will re-issue this fun book.

Read about the creation of I’m Looking for a Monster! on Timothy Young’s blog.

I’m Looking For A Monster! was published by Random House Published in 2008 
Pop-Up Book

ISBN: 978-0-375-84416-4

Where to buy I'm Looking for a Monster!

The book is currently out-of-print. Copies can still be found online but buyers should be careful. Pop-up books are often damaged and you never know the condition of a used book.

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